To lose weight, Eat Cashew Nuts or Almonds, what is more beneficial?

Eat Cashew Nuts or Almonds:- Are you working hard to lose weight, but for some reasons weight loss is not happening. If you also really want weight loss, then include dry fruits in your diet i.e. dry fruits. If the nuts add up in the food routine then you can control the weight to a great extent. In fact, eating fenugreek flour does not make sense of hunger for a long time and the level of energy remains intact, not only because of this, it is not tempting to eat junk food.

A lot of nutritious ingredients are also found in gluten-free and delicious meats rich in vitamins. If seen, cashew and almonds are usually used in homes. But when it comes to losing weight, it is very difficult to choose one of these. So today through this article, we will try to know if we want to lose weight then eat cashew nuts or almonds in the diet.

Know how much calories are there?

Monosaturated fat, which is considered to be good for body health and heart health, is found to be the most in almonds. It is believed that there are approximately 164 calories in 23 almonds. While cashew is rich with unsaturated fat, its Castrol level is also zero. In nearly 18 cashews, one gram fat and 117 calories are found. By eating cashew nuts daily, bad cholesterol decreases in blood and good cholesterol increases.

What is the protein in which?

About 6 grams of protein is found in 1 ounces almonds. Since almonds do not contain amino acids, therefore it is recommended that almonds be eaten with good protein sources. So that the supply of protein of the body can be completed. On the other hand, cashew protein is rich and eating it as snacks fulfill the need for body protein. Also, the feeling of the stomach due to the fiber found in cashew nuts is due to which the desire to eat junk food is less.

Keep Away From Heart Diseases

Antioxidants are abundant healthy almonds external brown rind heart arteries. It is said that daily almonds should be eaten to avoid heart diseases. At the same time saves with almonds brain weight gain as the main cause of Diabetic with health and stress. At the same time, cashew nourishes disease-related diseases and increases disease resistance. Not only that, cashews like cancer makes Tndrust strong and eyes on the bones to prevent diseases.

What is better cashew nuts or almonds?

According to a report published in the Journal of International Society of Sports, eating more fat and carbs can be burnt while eating almonds. Also in another study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorder, it has been found that more people eating almonds regularly reduced weight compared to those who had complex carbohydrate accounts of similar calorie and protein levels.

Vitamin K and Zinc in cashew nuts

On the other hand, cashew is found to have very little fat compared to other nuts. But in the research done so far, it has not been clear whether cashew nuts are effective in reducing weight or not. But yes, due to the protein found in cashew, it seems to have filled the stomach for a long time. Along with this, Vitamin K and Zinc are also found, but almonds can be your best choice to lose weight as it is found in fiber, vitamin E and calcium.

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