No exercise, No diet, Reduce in 3 days, Heavyweight

Reduce in 3 days Heavyweight:– Weight loss is emerging as a challenge in the present time, which proves impossible for people. Increasing weight due to lack of office and lack of food at home is obviously a matter of course. Nowadays, not only big but small children to are becoming a victim of obesity. Many diseases also get invitations due to weight gain. Therefore, today we are giving you a new alternative, not an old or worn way of weight loss. For this, you do not have to exercise or do any kind of dieting. Rather than decreasing weight only after walking. Let’s know how this is possible.

These are tips on weight loss on the go.

Pistachio also comes in the weight loss diet list. Protein and the presence of healthy fats, this research has proved that pistachio controls your appetite for long periods and gives strength. You can also take breakfast.
First of all, take brown bread, make a layer by chewing top fat on top of it. And sprinkle cinnamon powder from the top. Cinnamon is a medicine that reduces weight. This snack will also give energy with weight loss.

It is salty and portable like chips, but it contains plenty of protein and fiber. To make this, place a spoon olive oil, a pinch of salt, and cumin seeds or smoked capsicum with a spoonful of chickpeas for 10 minutes on a baking sheet. After this, it can be eaten with salad.

Many research has revealed that dark chocolate helps to lose weight. It also gives you energy. Keeping your mind relaxed by consuming it. You can eat dark chocolate every morning at breakfast.

Dalia plays a very good role in losing weight. Protein and fiber-rich porridge do not allow you to feel hungry for long, after eating it you will get energy for a long time. Make porridge with low-fat milk.

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