4 Yoga For the Spinal Cord Problem

  • If you are in the job of sitting, then surely these 4 Yoga will not be the backbone problem.
  • Due to sitting for long periods of time, early spinal cord problems may start.
  • Take 10 minutes at home or at the office to do this easy yoga session.
  • These yoga exercises protect the back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain or pain of elbows and fingers.
Spinal Cord Problem

Spinal Cord Problem As technology is developing, a lot of work has now started to sit in one place. In the same way, people with reading students, shopkeepers and desk desks have to work sitting in a single place throughout the day. Due to work pressure, there is no time to think about your fitness, nor is it time to exercise by going to the gym.

It has been observed that after some time, pain relief of back pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain or elbow and fingers start in these people. The reason for this is that you are mentally active but physically inactive. To fit your body, it is very important to do some exercise or exercise. If you do not get much time from your work, then you can take 10 minutes of time to do some simple yoga at home or in the office, so that you avoid these problems in the body. Apart from this, Yoga will keep you physically fit.

Spinal Cord Problem


  • You can do Hathotatasan anytime and anywhere.
  • To do this, first, stand upright and lift hands up towards the sky.
  • Ah Both the ankles heighten while clapping the claws of both hands and pull the hands upwards.
  • Then put the ankles on the ground.
  • Now stretch the hands right on the right side while lifting your hands.
  • Then stretch the same way on the left side.
  • If you do this 2-3 times at every 3-hour interval, you will never have a back and back problem.

Sutta Pawanmuktasanan

  • Lie down directly by wearing a mat Turn the legs off your knees and bring them closer to your chest.
  • Wrap your arms around your legs. If you want, you can now close your eyes too.
  • Take a deep breath. Stay in this currency for 1 minute.
  • Now breathe out and raise your head so much that your nose can touch the knees. Stay in this currency for 5 seconds. While breathing, now your head can go back. Repeat it 5 times
  • This posture stomach, small and large intestine, liver, pancreas, golbodder and pelvic muscles


  • This posture is very effective in treating obesity. Its practice strengthens the back, hips, legs, lips, stomach, and pelvis.
  • Lay the mat and lie directly on it. The palms are downwards Breathe normally and run both of your legs in the air as if rolled bicycles are running. Make 10-12 rounds of it.
  • Now come to breathing, that is, lie down and breathe slowly for two minutes.
  • Now move the legs in the opposite direction. Make 10-12 rounds of it.


  • Put the opposite foot on the straight leg and bend forward, then feel where the stretch is coming. Then come back to that state. Then from this side also do this asana.
  • Now grab your fingers and move it and keep dragging it. Keep breathing and come back. Then take your reverse hand up and lean on the other side. Do the same with the other side.
  • Take the opposite foot forward and then try to catch the fingers of the feet with your hands. If you can not catch it, then catch the leg. Then come back. Do the same from the other side.

Do not sit for hours

Even if you have to sit in the office, do not stay in the chair for a few hours, but stroll in the middle. After every one and a half hours, get up from your chair and walk 20 steps and stretch the body slightly and then sit down. Take your luggage on your own or take a walk in your cabin at lunchtime. How to remove even 15-20 minutes for yourself in which you can walk so that the body is exercised.

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Spinal Cord Problem
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