Tired eyes from work or study, rest from 5 ways

Tired eyes from work or study:- During the study or work, you will often have eye tiredness and pain problems. While working in a computer, reading a book or doing other brain work, when you put your full attention on the same thing, the eyes are tired. Even if you continue to work even after eye tiredness, the fine tissues (tissues) are damaged and the muscles start shrinking. Therefore, whenever your eyes get tired, it is very important to relax. Let’s get you some easy ways in which you can relax your eyes in just 2 minutes.

Follow the 20-20-20 rule

To save eyes from weakness, always remember the 20-20-20 rule. According to this rule, if you are doing any kind of work which is going to get too much attention or the eyes are getting tired, then after 20 minutes, remove your book, copy or remove the computer and remove anyone 20 feet away See the thing for 20 seconds. Blink the eyelids a few times after this and keep the eyes shut for 1 minute and start working again. In this way, your eyes will always be healthy.

Spray water on the eyes

If your eyes have started draining due to fatigue, stop the work for 5 minutes and kill the cold water on your eyes. The coolness of the water will help relax your eyes muscles and reduce stress. But note that after not scrubbing the eyes, do not wipe it, but rather soft hands or tissue paper dry out the water with light hands.

Keep your eyes blinking during work

Keeping the eyelids blinking during work, this will maintain the moisture content of the eyes and the eyes will not dry up. Eyes begin to flow from the eyelashes after not getting blinking in the long run. While working, keep the height of your chair according to your computer. Keep the computer at a distance of 30 cm from your eyes.

Use of T-Bag for Eyes

T-bag is also an effective remedy for eye bloating and pain. Green tea or black tea bags once used are beneficial for this. Tea leaves contain many antioxidants which are very beneficial for skin. For this, you place the tea bags used in the fridge. After 15 minutes when the tea bag is very cold, keep it on your eyes and close your eyes and then lie down for a while. This will give the eyes relief and pain and swelling will be fine.

Cucumber pieces

Swelling of the eyes and cucumbers in the pain is also very beneficial. The strangers present in cucumber reduce inflammation of the eyes and relieve the pain. For this, cut out many round pieces of cucumber and keep them in the fridge for cooling. After cooling, remove these pieces and keep them on the eyes and then lie down and close the eyes. After 5 minutes, after the cooling of the pieces, keep the new pieces. This will provide relief in swelling of eyes and pain.

Eat Cashew Nuts Or Almonds

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