Warm Weather Workout Tips


  • Exercise outside during the summer may be one of the hygienic strategies because you can get many sunshine, and if you consult with foot footage, going to the toe tube, many beneficial negative electrons
  • Exercise is needed in the summer – usually about two weeks. Once your body is heated with heat, then you will start sweating immediately and your sweating becomes more soft
  • Take water with you and drink frequently. However, avoid sports drinks and sugar, because they will harm you better. Only when you sweat in acute exercises, you can replace the electrolyte with coconut water, or add salt without salt to your water without salt.
  • Avoid poisonous sunscreen, which will prevent vitamin D production in your skin and present toxic and hormonal-disruptive chemicals in your blood stream. Instead, try a daily astacentin supplement, which acts as an internal sunscreen
  • If you start dizziness, subliminal or nausea, then immediately close your exercise and take steps to cool down. Heat fatigue and heat stroke are your primary concern, so make sure to warn you of warning signs
Warm Weather Workout Tips

10 Warm Weather Workout Tips

1- Dress appropriately

Loose polyester / cotton cloth fabric or other fabric designed to remove moisture will help keep your body cool.

2- Stay properly hydrated

Take a bottle of water with you and drink it frequently. Avoid sports drinks and other sugar drinks because they will do more harm than good. To replace the electrolyte, choose coconut water instead of your water, or by adding non-processed, natural salt to your water, make a Sport Drink.

3- Time your exercise to avoid peak heat

Afternoon sunlight, moisture and pollution levels are the fastest, so work in the morning or late evening to reduce heat effect.

4- Protect your skin

Avoid sunscreen, which will prevent the production of vitamin D in your skin and introduce toxic and hormone-blocking chemicals in your bloodstream. Rather, try the Estaxanthin supplement every day, which acts as an interior sunscreen and skin protector or wears light colors, a loose-fitting, long-coated shirt and cap.

5- Go slow until your body has acclimated to the heat

Start slowly, exercise in the heat for only a few minutes at a time, and gradually increase the amount of time as your tolerance increases. The signs of increased tolerance of tissue quickly erupt and your sweat becomes more soft or fade.

6- Seek shade

Temperatures in temperature areas, such as tree-guided roads and gardens, will help you stay cool.
Warm Weather Workout Tips

7- Head toward water

Water exercise on a hot day is an ideal choice because water cools your body naturally. To avoid dangerous pool chemicals, your best option will be to swim in the lake, sea or other natural body of water. It’s a blessing that unless you’re not barefoot, obviously you keep yourself on the ground.

8- Take off your shoes

Research has shown that modern running shoe produces a more confrontational force with the land, which increases the chances of injury. Walking barefoot or at least shoe can really save you from impact-related injuries. Going to bare feet can absorb your body’s beneficial negative electrons, which are powerful antioxidants.

9- Quick cool-off tricks

Some simple tips to help cool your body include: cooler water on your forests; Spreading cold water on your skin while fanning the air using a spray bottle – either a small portable fan, a paper fan, or a towel or a piece of cloth; Wrap the icing pack or neck up to your neck, forums, groves and / or arm pitts.

10- Team up for safety

Warm Weather Workout Tips

Symptoms of heat exhaustion can come on quickly if you’re not paying attention, and since fainting is one of the symptoms, it can be far safer to exercise with a partner when the heat is on. Remember to listen to your body. If you feel dizzy, faint or nauseous, stop your workout immediately and take steps to cool down.

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